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  • IN 2000

    HONGSBELT, founded in Shenzhen, builds a brand named HONGSBELT, is engaged in manufacturing smart Modular belt as the combination of preciseness and art, and creates a new concept of modular intelligent conveyor system.

  • IN 2005

    There are 600 kinds of intelligent solution modules.

  • IN 2010

    HONGSBELT has successfully developed modular unmanned sorting conveyor system and then marched towards the field of intelligent logistics.

  • IN 2012

    The company has independently developed automatic robot stacking conveyor system. In the same year, it developed intensive automatic and three-dimensional warehousing conveyor system, strengthening the logistics of supply chain enterprises.

  • IN 2015

    HONGSBELT makes a positive response to Shenzhen’s “Going East Strategy” and is headquartered in Li Lang Software Park in Longgang District.

  • IN 2016

    HONGSBELT obtains the certificate of national high-tech enterprise and it has created waves of innovative research and development within the company.

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